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How Chef Started

  My name is Wayne Soule, but I’m known as either qdog815 or The Cookin Wheelchair Chef, the amazing thing is, how I got the name, The Cookin Wheelchair Chef, was a young lad around the age of ten years sitting in the kitchen of his godmother’s red brick house in Chapel Oaks Md. during the summer months, while other children were out playing outside, I was on the inside watching ma cooking, and watching her favorite Soap Opera “The Young and the Restless” with her favorite two characters (Katherine Chancellor and Jill Foster) life with the Fosters, Chancellors, Abbot and Newman Family living in a little town called General City brought about some drama filled afternoons and some delicious meals,  but I move along.


  In addition to watching her and other of my elder family members, tv shows, etc I took on the art of cooking as a hobby. For years on I aimed to show my skills in the kitchen. Even through my adolescent years cooking has always been a craft to me. During my time as a Prince George’s County Public School as Paraprofessional in Special Education, I was assisting a student in crisis, I was taking him from the classroom for a little walk (as we normally do so that the education process of other students would not be disturbed).


  We were walking out the door when he became more agitated, it was then he took his foot and repeatedly stomped my left foot. I was out of commission for a couple of weeks because of that incident, but I did not know that was the beginning of a contributing factor that would eventually lead to one day having a Below the Knee amputation in October of 2010.


  That November, Thanksgiving would be the first holiday I would face in a wheelchair, a decision had to be made, as I was researching prior to my amputation, I was given the hope that one day I would have a prosthetic, meanwhile life had to continue, not knowing I would face more life changing medical situations and did what I did what I knew to do best, and that was to pray and trust God, and yes I prepared my thanksgiving dinner from the wheelchair, and that has been the beginning of this journey, however, the name “The Cookin Wheelchair Chef” name wasn’t selected until about August of 2023, while this project name came to me while wheeling from my Living room to the kitchen, the idea was so powerful, it literally stopped me while rolling.

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